23 Jan 2014

Homeschooling through shaky days.... Our Wednesday this week

Last week we decided to give our daily schedule a slight shake up, by waking up earlier, so the children can have more time playing outdoors. Miss Delightful loves her time in the garden (although it is on the small side- the children make good use of it). We have enjoyed a longer day and it has also proved popular with Mr Curious who has an ever ending catalogue of activities that he plans to attempt for the day. We nevertheless reverted to a later bedtime during the weekend, as these are our most busy days in regards to activities outside the home and mingling with friends and family. It is also the only time of the week when the children spend time with their father.

In spite of this accomplishment, we have had a rather shaky start to this week. Plain days do not last long around here.... We have not been graced by what I call the 'phases' for a few weeks and lo and behold, Monday was the day, both children welcomed the 'phases' into our lives anew. Mr Curious began dragging his heels every day this week (well this half week). Even though he has been given the freedom to avoid formal work and have a less structured day (until he feels differently), he decided to keep his familiar routine, in spite of resenting it.  During such times he really exasperates me! I have therefore been inundated, with whining, irritated shouts and pleas, disgruntled remarks, blank stares (too many times a day!), "what did you say?(even though I was standing next to him and having to repeat requests several times - very annoying!), from Mr Curious. Miss Delightful not to be outdone by her brother, has been more argumentative than usual, being unreasonable and quite teary, far from her usual self!

Then on Tuesday night, Mr Curious had to be rushed to Accident and Emergency with a chest pain and difficulty breathing. Do I need to mention my distress and panic! and remorse....oh yes...the guilt of having felt frustrated all day by his demeanour, only to discover he has been harbouring a sickness all along! Being of an anxious disposition, I naturally anticipate the worse and pray fervently in my heart, that my precious child, with whom I have been displeased all day, be safe and healthy. After four hours and a bunch of tests, he was diagnosed with Costochondritis, and sent back home with a prescription for ibuprofen. Duly relieved, I am reminded again, to work doubly on my effort to let go, and enjoy the moment.....
We went to bed at 2 am (except for Miss Delightful who has been sleeping soundly).

8 am
  • Miss Delightful wakes up and tries in vain, to wake her brother up. I am sure she was wondering what the matter was with him, as he is normally the first one to be awake in our household.
  • Next, she tries Mama. She is again disappointed. Mama hugs her and tries to pull her into bed but she fights off and runs downstairs while shouting,” I am too hungry!"
9 am
  • Mama turns in her sleep to find Miss Delightful next to her, under the covers, 'reading' a book, she turns the pages and looks at the pictures, telling herself a story based on what she sees.
  • Miss Delightful informs me that she had a chocolate brioche and did some colouring while she was downstairs.
9.30 am
  • Mama finally gets out of bed and reluctantly lugs herself to the bathroom (achy throat and back pain- not a nice combination).
  • Miss Delightful pulls her brother out of his bed.

10.30 am
  • After washing and changing we are downstairs for breakfast.

The rest of the day.....

Mr Curious does not complain of too much pain during the day , he spends a lot of time building and dismantling his marble run, at times they both fight over a particular piece they have to have!

After lunch, he breaks down in a fit of sobs, and I am accused of not reminding him about work. I point out that he is not well and has not been in the mood of 'proper' work since Monday, but he insists that he wants to carry on despite everything.

1 pm
  • Mr Curious begins maths, he has to work through the exercises that he got wrong the previous day. There were three in all and he sat in front of the book, nibbling his pencil, engrossed in an invisible TV. I even watch as he smiles to himself and I wonder what goes on, inside his head.....I would love a peek!
  • Miss Delightful is pulling my sweater and wants to be held.....(bad back, heavy 3 year old) I offer to show her a few items on her work table but today, as the rest of the preceding days, she does not show any interest and proceeds to weep. I have to succumb, but thankfully she agrees that I can sit while holding her.

2 pm
  • Mr Curious is still with the maths work, not really working at all! He is now checking if the kitchen timer magnet will stick to a stainless steel glass and wants to add salt to the water to see if it improves the chances of the magnet sticking.....
  • I suggest we put the book away until tomorrow, as I am now annoyed by his lack of work ethics....( Although I  do not want to be...)
  • He shouts "NO!!" and manages to complete the work in the minutes that ensures.

3 pm
  • Mama is feeling SICK and would love a nap! The children seems to be more noisy today...they are playing hide and seek in the tiny house with plenty of shouts and screams.
  • Mr Curious comes to ask me about wormholes, to which I reply, " when the earth worms dig under the soil..."
          "Don't be silly...I am talking about the ones that are similar to             black holes...."
       I am grateful for the Internet and google.

5 pm
  • Miss Delightful, having asked me for some uncooked dhall earlier, is now playing quite messily with her kitchen toys and I nearly slipped when I stepped on some.
  • Mr Curious who decided to do some assigned reading is now writing his narration.
  • I am trying to steal a few minutes  napping on the sofa.
  • I receive a phone call that I do not really want to answer as I am so drowsy, but I still manages to. Miss Delightful who has until now been playing contentedly rushes to my side and has to tell me something VERY IMPORTANT!

6.30 pm
  • I have not cooked anything and the children need to be fed....We have jacket potatoes and tuna salad. 
  • Miss Delightful is running off to play in the middle of dinner, Mr Curious is grimacing and urging everybody to watch his funny expressions and I now have a headache on top of my sandy throat and painful back....I feel like running a mile.....( not literally though)
  • I have to coax Miss Delightful back to the dinner table and spoon feed her the rest of the meal while threatening to eat it myself if she does not finish it and appeal to Mr Curious' pity to stop being the clown as I am feeling too ill. Fortunately he listens to my plea but wants reassurance that I will not die from this mysterious disease I may be suffering from.
8.30 pm
  • We start to get ready for bed and Miss Delightful has run off for a prolonged naked dance in front of the mirror and Mr Curious is half dressed staring at the bookshelf..... 
  • I snap and shout....well I actually scream...( my throat hurts even more now)
  • They hurriedly get dressed but Miss Delightful does not stop crying and I have to cuddle her in my bed....she asks me to sing her a lullaby, which I dutifully do....
  • Papa has come back from work sometime earlier...... and comes to kiss them goodnight
9.30 pm
  • I am sitting downstairs with a cup of tea and I can hear them playing instead of sleeping.....

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