9 Feb 2014

A Casual Conversation Between Mr Curious and Mama

One day last week, while eating lunch, out of the blue... 

Mr Curious (solemnly), "I wish humans had not survived...".

Mama (taken by surprise ), " Oh...", and before I have time to say anything...

Mr Curious," Humans should have become extinct like the Dodo!" (uttered in such a manner, that could have implied that Mr Curious was a different species to us humans...)

Mama," mmmm......."(still thinking how to steer the conversation so that the mood for the remainder of the day is not tainted by angst)

Mr Curious (in deep thought and without pausing for more than a second after each phrase)," humans should have become extinct because they damage nature, they kill animals for food"

Mama, "well humans can be vegetarian if they wish" I managed to quickly squeeze in....

Mr Curious, "even when they are vegetarians human cut  trees! They even cut trees that bear fruit, the same kind of fruits that they love to eat!!!" now with raised tone and some hand gestures....

Mama, "all the other animals either kill for food or eat grass etc killing plants. It is the law of nature!"

Mr Curious, "I know!!!" ( clearly irritated now) "But humans are more intelligent than other animals!!!" 

Before I see where this conversation is going, let alone trying to think whence it appeared from....


Mr Curious, "WHY did God not give humans better brains? Then humans would not harm others"...mama note to herself that he is still not using US at this point but humans, as a species separate from himself.

Mama,"I think we have perfect brains, but we sometimes choose to do the wrong things".

Mr Curious, "but it IS our brain that controls us and send messages to the different parts of our body! Just as I cannot control my fidgety body! So WHY didn't God give us such a brain that would only choose to do good things?"

Mama,"....I think he left that choice up to us, so we know the difference between good and bad..."

Mr Curious, "how?"

Mama, "mmmm....say you were never sad and always would you have known what happy meant? ...."

Mr Curious, "you always say silly things.....when I feel like laughing I would know that I am happy...I do not need to be sad to know what happy is..." he chuckled... at this point the conversation lightens up.....momentarily...

Mama started to get up from the table......

Mr Curious hastens to continue, '' what is the point of being sad anyway....what does that teach us...NOTHING...I do not see why our brain needs to make us feel sad..." he has geared up again and I can sense the intensity starting to bubble anew...

Mama "I need to use the toilet....Would you like to take Miss Delightful with you and go out to play in the garden ?"

Mr Curious, "NO !! It is raining! AND I want to talk more!"

Mama praying to God...please make him forget about continuing this conversation when I come back down.

While Mama is trying to hide in the toilet and regain her stamina (mama unfortunately often feels drained after long conversations).......Mr Curious and Miss Delightful are shrieking with delight while bouncing on their space hoppers in our tiny living room.
Mama is relieved.

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