8 Jan 2014

creativity while hackschooling - with a needle, a kitchen towel, a thread and a scissor

We do not normally set out to be artistic or undertake any particular creative activities (well except for piano practise ), but the nature of childhood is such, that any activity the children devise, almost always, either have creative streaks in them or they become complete creative works in their own right! Mr Curious' sudden urge to sew today, left me totally unprepared in regards to materials. I suggested that we wait for another day, after we have shopped for an appropriate kit, but he was too quick to point out, '' well you have thread and needles in the drawer and I have a bag made of cloth which I can stitch on, if you can not give me anything else to sew!" I had to relent! So armed with a tiny piece of old ribbon and a discarded golden button, we proceeded to do some trials on a kitchen towel, the bag was too lovely to ruin!

He had been working enthusiastically on it for some time, when Miss Delightful, having been watching him all this while, was no longer content of only being a mere spectator. "Mama! mama! mama! where is MY needle?!!!" "I need to work too!!". Luckily, I had a piece of craft with a plastic needle that she could use, mimicking the hand stitching pattern.

So we had to put the writing activity, that Mr Curious was supposed to work on, on the back burner and they devoted a few hours to sewing.We have days like this all the time, totally unplanned, but productive! I know I should not feel too content, less I might jinx the rest of the week!

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